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Public Works Commercial General Contracting

The basic purpose of public works is to benefit the community at large; the benefit may be in terms of recreation, employment, safety or health. Efforts may go towards the construction of public buildings, schools, courthouses, hospitals, parks and towards the building of transport infrastructures, such as bridges, roads and pipelines.

Public Works Commercial Design Build Construction

A challenge contractors in public works have to face is how to accommodate the multidimensional nature of conceptual design and implementation. What this means is that many factors must be taken into consideration beyond those encountered in private commercial construction. Public projects undergo review from recreational, legal, economical and aesthetic perspectives as well as analyses of their potential impact on neighborhoods and the environment.

Public Works Commercial Remodeling

FCF General Contractor has broad experience building and remodeling for public works. We have forged relationships with municipalities like UC Davis, UC Davis Medical Center, U.S. General Services Administration and U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and many more.

Construction Management

Effective construction is all about the proper management of time, resources and people. FCFGC project management services start with a realistic and efficient schedule. Calling on our extensive experience in this field, we create detailed timelines and share them with each member of the project team, highlighting key milestones and a firm completion date. From there, communication with all parties is critical. We routinely update our clients, construction partners, subcontractors and other team members to make sure everyone is on the same page.


From the moment you begin your project, it is important to implement a detailed and decisive construction schedule. FCFGC offers expert construction scheduling and consultation services throughout California.